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By Train


Arriving by public transport is cheap, environmentally friendly and less stressful. So why not leave the car at home?! You will certainly avoid traffic congestion if you arrive by train. You will find regional and group offers at Scheeßel Railway Station is only ca. 1,500 metres from the festival grounds and the campsite, and can be reached easily on foot.

As usual, once again in 2017 you can also travel to and from the Hurricane Festival from 22 June 2017 to 26 June 2017 with all trains of the metronom railway company. Simply show your festival ticket/festival wristband in the train. You will find the metronom route network and timetables at There are no additional transport charges. Please note that the festival ticket/ festival wristband is valid as a train ticket on workdays only after 9 a.m.


  • Duration: The ticket integration applies from 22.06.2017 – 26.06.2017.
  • Train ticket offer: The admission ticket/festival wristband to Hurricane is recognised as a train ticket.
  • Local validity: The ticket integration is valid for 2nd Class travel in metronom trains across the entire route network.
  • Time of validity: The admission ticket/festival wristband is valid from 22.06.2017 – 26.06.2017 as a train ticket. On workdays, the admission ticket/festival wristband is valid from 9 a.m., and all day at the weekend.
  • Fares: The fare is included in the price of the admission ticket.
  • Changing class: No transfer into the 1st Class is permitted.
  • Other provisions: The metronom conditions of transport apply when taking dogs and/or bicycles. No transfer of the admission ticket and thus the fare to a third party is permitted, and leads to its invalidity as a train ticket.
  • Return, exchange, refund: The refund of the fare contained in the admission ticket in the event of non-use is excluded.



Visitors from north of Hamburg
Via the A 1 towards Bremen / exit Sittensen or via the B 75 directly to Scheeßel as far as the roundabout, then towards Westervesede.

Visitors from the southwest, via Bremen
Via the A1 towards Hamburg / exit Elsdorf. Follow the signs for the festival via Hetzwege, Rotenburg and Bartelsdorf to Westervesede.

Visitors from south of Hanover
Via the A 27 towards Bremen / exit Verden Nord via Rotenburg and the B 75 towards Scheeßel / Tostedt / Hamburg until the junction for Brockel / Westervesede, then via Bartelsdorf and Westervesede, follow the signs to the car park…

Via the A 7 towards Hamburg / exit Dorfmark via the B 440 via Visselhövede until junction K 209 towards Brockel, follow this road to Bartelsdorf and then continue towards Westervesede…

or …

Via the A 7 towards Hamburg / exit Soltau Süd via the B 3/B71 and Soltau towards Rotenburg until Hemslingen. Turn right there onto L 170 towards Schneverdingen and then, after a few hundred metres, left onto L 131 towards Westervesede…

Please take one of the three exits that will take you to the festival grounds without any problems. Once you have left the motorway, please follow the signs to the festival.

If you plan to come by car, form car pools. The fewer cars we have to direct, the quicker the traffic management. And it’s much more fun with four people in a car than with only two, never mind alone!

No matter how you get there: Drive carefully – especially on the country roads!

If you want to offer or accept a lift, take a look at the car sharing exchange, under “Interactive”.

If at all possible, come by bus or train!

The German Road Traffic Act (StVO) applies on the entire festival grounds.

Parking spaces will be allocated, please follow the instructions of the traffic management service at all times. In the interests of all visitors, it is important to leave the access roads as quickly as possible. 

Parking and camping are separate. For safety reasons, cars and tents cannot be placed together. Please note that you must carry your luggage. We shall try to keep the distances as short as possible. 

Those who are transporting festival visitors without requiring a parking space are requested to please use the railway station car park in Scheeßel or the community centre in Westervesede (Mitteldorf 5, 27383 Scheeßel/Westervesede). There is time and space there to unload luggage without obstructing the traffic management.

Please note that the car park is not supervised.

No types of trailers that are attached behind a car are allowed on the campsite (not even temporarily) and must be parked in the car park.

In the event of a breakdown please first contact the traffic management service. At certain times, quick breakdown help can be arranged on-site in cooperation with the ADAC, subject to a charge. To make it easier to find your broken-down car in the dark, please switch on the hazard lights of your car or a neighbouring vehicle.

Motorbike riders may use the caravan spaces free of charge (i.e. may park their bike next to their tent).


If the parking spaces have become very wet due to persistent rain, we request that you drive as carefully as possible across these spaces when arriving and departing. 
We will always try to provide you with the best possible parking space, but we also rely on your cooperation. Please always follow the instructions of our staff and have patience in the event of any delays when parking or departing.

Unfortunately, bad weather can sometimes cause one or two cars to get stuck. In the event of persistent rain that affects the driveability of the grounds, we can contact a tow truck at your request, free of charge. In such a case, please ensure that you comply with the following:
  • The tow trucks organised by us are marked accordingly: the drivers wear jackets bearing our logo, the truck bears a flag with our logo, and a number.
  • The tow trucks organised by us DO NOT accept any money! (Should you notice a tow truck that is not marked, and/or which demands payment, please note the registration number and inform us immediately via our social media channels!)
  • Prepare the tow bar on your car and switch on your hazard lights.
  • Have patience -> if it is really wet, the tow truck organised by us must also work carefully, and cannot tow everyone at once.
  • We accept no liability for towing vehicles – even though we establish the contact, the towing process occurs at your own responsibility and at the risk of the user.