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Since the beginning of 2018, we have been offering our tour bands the opportunity to offset their vehicles’ CO² emissions via “Atmosfair”. This year we have extended the programme and will now also offset all of our team flights via Atmosfair.

Help us, and make your own arrival to the Hurricane Festival by car more environmentally-friendly! With immediate effect, you have the option in our ticket shop to offset the CO² emitted by your car journey via “Atmosfair”. To this end, based on the average journey distance, a flat rate of 1 € was calculated, the full amount of which is then sent as a donation to Atmosfair. All donations then go to the project: "Nicaragua: Clean electricity from wind power".

On top of that, donating is really easy as it is included in the booking process. So if you can’t avoid travelling by car, at least you can offset your CO² emissions!