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Enjoying the festival together and looking after each other is very important to us. So let’s all make sure that each and every person feels like an equally important part of the festival who can enjoy their time on the festival grounds all day and night. Take care of each other!


It is important to stick together in every situation. This is all the more true in an emergency.

Throughout the entire festival we will keep you updated where necessary (storm warnings etc.) via the various different channels of our festival communication (festival app, Facebook, Twitter, Camp FM, video walls and the festival website). We will experience and enjoy the whole festival together with you, where necessary also with additional organisational measures. To ensure that everyone feels safe at all times, we also ask you to look after and support each other, all the time and irrespective of any special situation. Offer to help others, ask for help if you need it, and keep a watchful eye on others. All of us are part of the Hurricane Festival, and together we can manage any situation more easily.

More information on the subject safety and rules can be found HERE.


Every music fan should have the opportunity to be present at the Hurricane Festival. Therefore, for years we have been erecting wheelchair-accessible stands in front of each main stage, installing structurally-adapted toilet facilities, providing wheelchair-accessible camping sites and manning an 24-hour info hotline.

If anyone needs medication chilled on site, they can be handed in to the paramedic tents, where they will be refrigerated for you. More information on further offers can be found HERE.


To ensure that everyone feels safe and has the possibility to be taken to a safe place if they want, the project “How do I get to Panama?” was initiated in 2017.

Have you noticed something strange? Do you feel uneasy, bothered or harassed? Have you been attacked?

Then simply ask the following people “How do I get to Panama?”:

  • Bar staff, security team, festival jobbers, police, paramedic team or all other crew members with a green-and-red armband bearing the word Panama.

Without any questions or comments, the crew members will offer their help and take the person seeking aid to a protected environment.