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Hanseatic Help

The non-profit association Hanseatic Help e.V. from Hamburg has been on Hurricane since 2016 to collect sleeping bags, sleeping mats and tents that you no longer need, which are not only urgently needed by homeless people in winter, but are also essential for survival. As a result, many donations in kind are collected every year on the hurricane, which are then cleaned by the association and handed over to the homeless service to give a little warmth on the street in the cold winter.

Everything is different in 2020, but: Winter is coming anyway! Due to the cancellation of the festivals, Hanseatic Help is particularly dependent on your help this year, because around 3,000 sleeping bags, sleeping mats and tents are currently missing.
So what can you do? There are two options: Either you donate these items directly to the association (you can find current information on hall opening times and hygiene regulations in the Corona period at or you can help with a small donation, of which the Association can purchase the missing and urgently needed items.

Check out the project page, where you can find all the information you need!