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Hurricane Park (Greener Living)

Those who appreciate some calm and cleanliness while enjoying rock ‘n’ roll on the grounds can stay in our greener living section (Grüner Wohnen) at the Hurricane. This is an enclosed area that aims to give visitors with an environmentally friendly attitude the possibility to sleep in a quiet and clean space. Grüner Wohnen is essentially self-regulating. Every visitor who values the criteria listed above may buy a ticket for this area. Any gross infringements of the prevailing philosophy will lead to visitors losing their access rights, and they will then be redirected to the normal campsite.

Naturally, the MEIN-ZELT-STEHT-SCHON offer also applies here.

Here is some information on our Grüner-Wohnen philosophy:

Excessively loud voices are just as much a taboo here as noisy souvenirs from the stadium or party mile, which is also true of high-wattage stereo devices – after all, the ears need a bit of a rest after such a busy day. That doesn’t mean it has to be as quiet as the grave here; jolly conversation and music-making should simply be kept at a volume that is tolerable to the neighbours.

Some people seem to believe that making an extensive mess around their tent and the surrounding area is all part of their freedom. We don’t actually condone that anywhere, but we can only restrict it to a limited degree on the campsite. In the Grüner Wohnen area the detritus of wealth should not lie around the place, but should instead be thrown into the intended containers. 

It is already implied in the above paragraphs and indeed should apply to life in general, but it is worth emphasising here: The festival should be as pleasant as possible for all who attend. Take the time to look to your left and right – after all, you also desire the same degree of consideration from your neighbour.