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Many of the areas adjacent to Eichenring are important biotopes and nature reserves. These areas and the animals and plants that live there must also remain protected during the festival. Every year we have fences erected around them, and are very strict when it comes to the welfare of flora and fauna! Whoever is caught entering the forbidden areas risks at least a yellow card, and perhaps even being thrown out! Be fair to nature and stay on the marked paths, keep away from the fences, and please dispose of your waste in the sacks and waste islands provided (and not somewhere in the forest or on the meadow).

Since 1997 the beaker deposit system has also contributed to reducing waste. On the entire festival grounds, drinks are served only in uniform reusable cups for a deposit. This ensures that the cups are returned and can be used again.

Do you want to combine your environmental activism with social engagement? Then simply donate your cup to our cooperation partner “Viva con Agua”. “Viva con Agua” has established a very successful and wide-ranging cup deposit donation campaign at all FKP Scorpio festivals.  

All of the cleaning companies we use have confirmed that their cleaning agents comply with the European eco-label. The soaps in our shower containers and toilets are also certified with the “Blauer Engel” eco-label. The toilet paper used in all toilet facilities on the grounds is recycled paper.

The shower heads in the shower containers are fitted with a water-saving function. The cisterns in the mobile toilets are also built in such a way that they do not flush with the conventional 9 litres, but instead with 6 litres per flush.