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“PETA ZWEI”, the youth campaign of PETA Germany, is taking part in the Hurricane Festival once again this year, providing information about its campaigns and actions in the battle for animal rights and a vegan lifestyle.

Their goal is to make everyone understand why we humans do not have the right to use animals for food, clothing, entertainment, experiments or other purposes. PETA ZWEI fights for the rights of all animals to have their interests respected, irrespective of whether they are cute or merely useful. If all animals can feel pain and fear, then they have the right not to be locked up, tortured or killed by us.

It is not about pointing the finger. Every person should be prompted to question themselves, examine their own values, and then look in the mirror. It is about ignoring neither information nor your own conscience, and then making a decision.

Have a look at their information desk and learn more. Even a simple conversation can have a big effect!

Here is a link to the website.