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Recyclable Waste

In 2019, we started a test for the first time, and with your support we managed to achieve an even better separation at the recycling stations!

For years, with your help, we have been separating waste as best as possible at the recycling stations, which meant that we are able to gain many reusable materials. This year, the result of the sorting was even better due to the introduction of the yellow waste sack, and we want to thank you for your support in this regard!

We are sure that we can further improve our processes in the future, so that we can gain even more reusable materials.

How exactly does it work?

  • When issued with a wristband you will be given a yellow sack in addition to the usual waste sack.
  • Use this for all of your light packaging waste.
  • At the recycling stations, there is an extra container in which all of the yellow sacks are collected – simply hand in yours there.
  • You also get the waste bonus for handing in a yellow sack!

What is allowed in the yellow sack?

All kinds of light packaging: aluminium trays/foils, tubes, tin cans, Tetrapacks, biscuit packaging, yoghurt pots, pasta packaging, composites and plastic packaging.

What is not allowed in the yellow sack?
Sleeping mats, tents, tent poles, cigarettes, etc.

Please make sure that the yellow sack contains only the things that are allowed in it. A wrongly-filled sack can devalue the entire contents of the container.