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STOP Finning Deutschland e.V.

“Stop Finning Deutschland e.V.” is a charitable organisation founded in 2014 to protect marine life. Once again, this year it is present with an information desk at the Hurricane Festival.

Stop Finning protects above all the category of cartilaginous fish, which includes sharks, rays and chimaeras. What began in 2008 in the form of an information website soon developed to become one of the largest associations for nature conservation and environmental protection in Germany. Information, cooperation and development are the foundations of the association, where the focus is not only on sharks, but also on social justice and ecological sustainability.

What is shark finning?

Since sharks produce only few offspring, they are particularly affected by overfishing and by-catching. However, the biggest problem facing the animals is so-called “shark finning”, where the fins are cut of the animals and sold for shark-fin soup. Although China is the largest sales market, the trade of shark fins is a global problem. Sharks are also fished for other body parts, which are used for food.

What can you do about it? Take a look at our information stand and learn what you can do in your everyday life to contribute to the protection of the animals, or how you can get involved in the association.

More information can be found here.